What are you afraid of?

The other day I was scared of a grocery bag. Really. The bag was blowing across the lawn, and when I first caught a glimpse of this thing charging toward me, I thought a badger or something was attacking me.

Blue Birdie Shines

Haddie is working at the camporee as a reporter. Can she and Natasha remember Mr. Simon’s wisdom in time to help Blue Birdie for her photo?

how did david do it?

David defeated Goliath by striking him on the forehead with a stone from a sling. How did David do it? He knew something about energy and the speed of the stone. 

Captain bates takes a stand

“There’s a hundred of us here, and there’s only two of them,” the man hissed. “We’ll teach them a lesson! We don’t want them telling our slaves that Jesus is coming. We don’t want them getting any ideas about being free.” .