Bark in the dark

“Drew, can you take Blizzard out?” my mother asked. In the dark? I screamed inside. But my dog had that silly puppy smile—I couldn’t let him down.

Dinosaur Dig

“Professor Z! Professor Z!” Jake called out. “Oh, Jake,” the professor answered with a sigh, “let me guess: you have another question for me?” Jake smiled. “Can I lift the dinosaur bone out of the ground today?”

bible heroes—Jacob

Are you familiar with Jacob? Did you know that he was the father of 12 sons and one daughter? Or that he had a twin brother with whom he wasn’t the best of friends? Did you know he actually got into a wrestling match with God? Before we give it all away, let’s just say he’s a Bible character worth learning more about. So if you are ready to get to know Jacob a little better, read on!

The Do-something teens

Fourteen-year-old Luther Warren was already doing a grown man’s work on the farm. While he worked hard all week, when he went to church on Sabbath with his family he was expected to be seen but not heard.