The Do-Something Teens

by Chantal J. Klingbeil

Fourteen-year-old Luther Warren was already doing a grown man’s work on the farm. While he worked hard all week, when he went to church on Sabbath with his family he was expected to be seen but not heard. For the most part, adults thought young people shouldn’t be involved in church activities, and there were no special programs for them. They were hardly ever asked to take part in the worship service. 

Luther wondered about this as he helped out on the Fenner farm during summer break. At least Luther got to work with his friend, Harry Fenner. Harry was just three years older than Luther, and the two had become good friends. 

One day Luther and Harry were walking along the farm road together. On both sides of the road were crooked rail fences. These fences were made by splitting logs into rails and arranging them in a zigzag pattern. The two boys were talking about Jesus coming back soon and they both wished that they could do something to help others be ready for His coming. They decided to ask God for a place where they could work for Him. 

Luther and Harry knelt beside the fence and prayed. Afterwards the boys began to form a plan. They decided to begin their own missionary club. 

The club soon met in Luther’s unfinished upstairs bedroom and consisted of other friends and siblings. The missionary club began with nine teens. They organized, spent time singing, praying, and reading the Bible, then thought up fun ways to speak to their friends and classmates about Jesus. 

This small missionary club grew and grew. Soon teens and even children were organizing their own missionary clubs. Adults realized that young people could be involved in church activities, and began to help and support these clubs, which eventually grew into Pathfinder clubs and youth groups throughout the world church. 

It was a good that Harry and Luther decided to do something rather than wait for something to happen.  

This story can be found in the book Luther Warren, by Sharon Boucher.