Getting Off the Mountain: A Grand Canyon Adventure

By Sydney Musgrave

How many of you like snow? Have you ever been in a snowstorm? What about a blizzard?

I have been in both. It was fun being in a snowstorm, with snow falling everywhere, throwing snowballs at each other, and tasting snowflakes. But being stuck in a blizzard was scary.

In this story we were in Arizona, heading to the Grand Canyon. After a number of hours (we don’t know how many, but probably about 14), I asked the dreaded question I normally asked every 15 minutes on long car drives.

“How much longer?” I groaned.

“About a half hour,” my parents replied.

“Oh! Look at that,” my mom exclaimed. “It’s so pretty.”

We finally made it! 

We got more exercise getting dressed for the cold than we did the rest of the afternoon. I actually started sweating! But the second I stepped out into the cold, I wished I had put on more clothes. I hurried through the snow to the side of the fence and was amazed at all that I saw.

I saw layers of rock, all different shades of reds, browns, blacks, whites, tans, pinks, and even a few dark oranges. It was like a rainbow. A tiny-looking river flowed through the bottom. The river, once larger, was what carved the canyon. I expected the canyon to be jagged, but instead it was smooth and calming. The huge vast canyon stretching the entire length of the horizon, made the trees look like ants. Time seemed to stop as I gazed at the canyon. I was so surrounded by beauty that I didn’t notice my dad coming up behind me.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” he asked 

“Yes,” I replied, speaking for the first time since we had arrived.

We sat there for about 15 minutes drinking in the beauty of God’s creation, but soon my mom called for us to go. I thought it was starting to snow harder, but wondered if it was my imagination. Soon I realized it was snowing harder and harder.     

In our car we slowed to a speed of about five miles per hour. About a half hour down the road we were in a full blizzard! I wondered what would happen if we got stuck, if we got lost, or if we slid off the road. My thoughts became reality when I heard a loud honk and looked up to see the pickup truck in front of us sliding off the mountain road! Finally, the truck regained its position on the road. Then we began moving again, slower this time.

After a long drive we breathed a sigh of relief as we exited the road. We had gotten off the mountain!

—Sydney writes from Durham, North Carolina where she attends Five Oaks Adventist Christian School. Congratulations for being our first winner of $50!