Blue Birdie Shines

By Jean Boonstra

Haddie is working at the camporee as a reporter. Can she and Natasha remember Mr. Simon’s wisdom in time to help Blue Birdie for her photo?

“Natasha, I’m taking pictures of some of the planes here at the camporee. Will you help me set up my camera?” Haddie asked her cousin.

“Are you going to take a picture of Blue Birdie?” Natasha asked excitedly. 

“Of course,” Haddie said, “Uncle George and his friend, Mr. Whitman, will be in the photo too.” 

“Sure, I’ll help you!” Natasha answered. 

Haddie and Natasha walked through the airplane hangar toward Blue Birdie.

“Oh, no!” Natasha gasped “Blue Birdie is covered in mud! What will we do?” 

Haddie looked around and, spotting a hose and a bucket, had an idea. “We’ll wash her ourselves!” she exclaimed. 

“We don’t have time,” Natasha protested.

“There’s no time to waste,” Haddie agreed. “Let’s wash this plane!” 

“Wait,” Natasha said, reaching for the hose. “There’s something Grandad always does first! He covers all the ports and sensors with tape so that they don’t get water inside.” 

“Right, I’ll do that part with bright-orange tape!” Haddie answered. 

Haddie started cleaning at the propeller and Natasha at the cargo doors, and they met in the middle. As they cleaned the mud off, they discovered another problem. 

“Natasha, look under the mud! Blue Birdie is covered in bugs!” Haddie exclaimed. 

“Grandad always uses a special cleaner for the bugs. I’ll get it.” Natasha said, reaching into the cargo bay. 

“Find the yellow cloth,” Haddie called after her, “the one Uncle George always uses with the bug cleaner.” 

“Found them!” Natasha declared. 

Natasha and Haddie washed Blue Birdie with bug cleaner and removed the tape. They put away the buckets and hoses—just in time! 

“Mr. Whitman, Uncle George,” Haddie said. “Stand right here for your photo!” 

Haddie snapped the photo as the two men smiled. 

Mr. Whitman admired Blue Birdie. “Do you mind if I sit in the pilot’s seat?” he asked Mr. Simon. “I don’t mind at all,” Mr. Simon said, opening the door for him. 

“Haddie, Natasha,” Mr. Simon said quietly. “I’ve never seen Blue Birdie so clean. Thank you.” 

“Thank you?” Natasha asked curiously. 

“I see the puddles of water. You cleaned her.” Mr. Simon answered. 

“We remembered just how you taught us, Grandad,” Natasha replied. 

“You’re a wise teacher, Uncle George,” Haddie answered. “We remembered what you showed us!”

“You even got the bugs off,” Mr. Simon said with a laugh. 

“We used the yellow cloth,” Natasha answered triumphantly. 

“Thank you for making her shine,” Mr. Simon said.

Blue Birdie almost seemed to smile too. 

The Bible says that “Walk with the wise and become wise” (Prov. 13:20, NKJV). Haddie and Natasha managed by remembering Mr. Simon’s wisdom!