Dear Friends,

If you were fortunate enough to attend the NAD Teachers’ Convention in Chicago in August, you heard first reports of an exciting new partnership between the Adventist Review and K-8 elementary schools across the North American Divisions.

As part of a new initiative designed to partner with local churches and schools, the Adventist Review has launched a campaign to significantly support each classroom and school that participates in this program with a remarkable $5.00 per subscription-sold offer. That means that the best-known brand in Adventism will send your classroom or school $5.00 for each Adventist Review subscription sold by students—as well as reward them with high-value prizes selected by same-age peers!

This campaign will be open through May 15, 2019, giving your classroom or school the opportunity to earn hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars toward projects you want to achieve to improve your facility or help even more students find the value of Adventist education.

Every student in your school knows five families who would be blessed by the Adventist Review’s award-winning combination of inspiration, Bible study, practical tips for parenting and family life, and faith-building stories. Twelve monthly editions are brimming with the kind of solid, family-friendly content you want to put in front of the families engaged with your school, including KidsView, the Adventist Review’s monthly journal for kids. And it comes with the biggest and most eye-catching news section of any Adventist journal in the world!

In the first 10 days of January, your school will receive a packet that contains everything you’ll need to help your students and your school be successful in raising funds for any project you designate—a new classroom computer; a smartboard; new playground equipment; or even scholarship funds for worthy students. In additional to an explanatory letter, you’ll find:

  1. A copy of the current Adventist Review—about building bridges across interpersonal and group conflicts;

  2. An informative sheet showing you just how the generous reward system will work for your classroom and school;

  3. A sample letter to send to every parent/family of a participating student;

  4. A (handout/flier) to give each participating student;

  5. A sign-up sheet for each participating student to keep a record of those who’ve pledged to subscribe;

  6. Posters to create awareness and sustain interest in your classroom and throughout the school;

  7. A durable reminder postcard to help you keep this project in front of your students;

  8. The URL of the campaign website for you to get more information and “test-drive” the system.

As you respond to the packet your school will receive in early January, you’ll let us know how many promotional magazines to send to your school. We’ll send you enough copies of the Adventist Review to provide each student with a sample to show to parents, friends, and supporters of your school.

You’ll also be able to order additional campaign materials—posters, sign-up sheets, etc.—for your classroom and school free of charge at your request.

This new partnership with the best-known brand in Adventism is your best chance to raise significant money for your school this year—with a product you and the families of your school can feel entirely good about.

Build faith and family values while you build capital for the projects of your classroom or school.

Look for our informational materials when you return from what we pray is a joyous Christmas holiday!

Bill Knott
Executive Editor Adventist Review