Dear Parent

We have the opportunity to be part of a new and cutting-edge fundraising program for our school. It’s never been tried before, but I think it is one of the easiest to do. I hope you will join in partnership with our students and their families to help our school move forward this year.

This project is one where everyone wins. We’re asking students to sell subscriptions to Adventist Review, a magazine that I believe should be in everyone’s home. This journal speaks to the heart of Adventism through news and articles on what is happening in today’s church and home. Just recently there were articles on loving others, Martin Luther King’s perspective on today’s society, and raising responsible happy children. In addition there is news related to our growing, international church, hot topics such as the environment, what happens when you die, and how to really discern “fake” news especially in a spiritual context.

Along with the magazine comes a bonus magazine for children ages 8-12. Some of your kids are already receiving this in their classroom, but it is appropriate for younger students as well. Did you know that today’s families spend between 3-5 minutes/day reading to their children? This little magazine is a great way to increase that statistic in your home, or in the homes of your extended family and friends.

So how does it work? Simply have your student ask family, friends, and church members to subscribe to the Adventist Review for one year (12 issues) at a price of $19.95. Fill out the attached form and return it to your teacher. For each subscription, your school earns $5. Those students who sell to certain levels will receive wonderful prizes, including top awards of Amazon gift cards, a drone, even a hoverboard.

It is easy, painless, and requires only the contact of those with whom your student is comfortable. By partnering with our school and the Adventist Review, we can raise enough funds to [please insert the project your school would like to sponsor.] The school earns the funds it needs, your student receives great incentive prizes, and it won’t take much of your time!

This fundraiser is only available from [insert dates here]. If you would rather go online, you may visit arfundraiser.com and place orders there. The student’s sales will still track back to our school and to your student by using your student’s promo code. I can hardly wait to see what our school will do!