Down on the Farm

By Wilona Karimabadi 

Annette and Jared Thurmon live near Atlanta, Georgia. They decided that while living in the city was okay, living in the country would be better. They looked for a place where they could plant a garden, raise some animals, and have a quieter life. Soon they bought some land and built a house and barns.

Farming is fun. It is quieter than living in the city, but not completely. The Thurmons own seven alpacas, two miniature donkeys, four ducks, nine chickens, two turkeys, two barn cats, and two house cats. That’s a lot of animals!

Life on a farm is busy. Each day starts with feeding all the animals. You also need to keep the barn clean, give them clean water, and make sure they are healthy. The animals go outside year-around so they also eat grass. The chickens lay eggs that are collected each day. Rain or shine the work must be done. While the animals don’t mind the rain or cold weather, sometimes the people do!

The garden grows corn, cucumbers, onions, sweet potatoes, string beans, squash, peppers, and tomatoes. They have apple, peach, cherry, and pear trees and 50 blueberry plants. The Thurmons eat the vegetables and fruit for their meals. Sometimes the leftovers go to the animals—who like the scraps.

Many lessons about God are learned living on a farm. Just as they care for the animals, God cares for the Thurmons. Just as the animals depend on people to care for them, people need to depend on God.