The Day I Bought Jesus a Burrito

By Cameron Johnston

I came out of a store in Portland, Oregon. Suddenly, a shabby, dirty man asked me for money.

“I don’t give out money,” I said, “but I’ll buy you some food.”

“That would be great,” he said. “I haven’t eaten today.”

“What kind of food do you like?” 

“A burrito would be great,” he responded.

“Jump in my car,” I said. 

“Oh, I can’t get into your nice car,” he responded. “I’m dirty.”

“It’s no problem,” I said. 

We drove to a restaurant where he ordered a burrito.

When the order came the burrito was large. “That’s big.” he said. 

As we left the man said, “I’m going to find a sunny  place to enjoy half now and keep the rest for tomorrow.Can you drop me at the train station?” 

“How long have you been living on the streets?” I asked.

“About 20 years,” he answered. “I worked for my dad, and he died suddenly. Within three months my mom died. For a few years I worked for another man, but the business closed, and I couldn’t find a job.”

As we arrived he turned and said, “God bless you. Not many people treat us nice.”

Then, maybe sensing I was a Christian, he turned back and said, “I believe in God, you know. I would never survive on the street without God taking care of me.”

“God bless you,” I said, and he was gone.

I have thought a lot about that man and I still pray for him. We are all God’s children. Many of His children don’t look, smell, or live as nice as we might expect.

But Jesus said, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matt. 25:40).

I know Jesus enjoyed the burrito that day. And I was blessed by giving it to Him. 

—Cameron Johnston is pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Bella Coola, British Columbia.