Bible Heroes: Methuselah

What do you know about Methuselah? You might know that he was the oldest person to live in human history—969 years! But we’re sure there are a few things you could still learn about him.  What are you waiting for? Read our fun facts!

  • You can read about Methuselah in the book of Genesis.

  • Methuselah was the son of Enoch—the same Enoch who was so close to God that the Bible says he walked with Him and didn’t die. God took Enoch directly to heaven. Enoch was 65 when Methuselah born.

  • He became a dad at the age of 187. His son, Lamech, was the father of Noah. So that makes Methuselah Noah’s grandpa!

  • Methusaleh’s name is thought to mean “man of the dart” or “man of the javelin.” Do you think he had really good aim when he threw things?

  • Methuselah died in the same year the Flood happened. Since the Bible doesn’t speak of him as being on the ark, we assume that he died before it happened. 

  • Methuselah was an “antediluvian patriarch.” What does that mean? That term refers to those who, before the Flood, lived very, very long lives. You’ll notice that there aren’t any 900-year-olds walking around. That’s because the life span of humanity has greatly shortened since those days.