Have you ever wished you could jump into a Bible story to experience it for yourself? Well now you can! Just download the KidsView Augmented Reality (AR) app for either your iPhone or Android device, and experience Bible stories as if you were actually there! 

Instructions for the Mobile App

  1. (Ask your parents to) download the KidsViewAR App

  2. Open the App

  3. Accept the request to use your camera (if it asks)

  4. Point the rear camera of the SmartPhone or Tablet to the statue in the April 2018 issue of KidsView (top right, on page 3) or any other issue after this date that has Augmented Reality content. 

  5. Experience Daniel 2's Statue in 3D: While keeping the phone pointed at the image, walk around the magazine while holding the phone, you can also come closer or further away from the magazine, and see what happens…

  6. Write to us and tell us how you liked it at:

download image markers

If you don't have a magazine available, click on the button below to download a PDF giving you access to three different models (Nebuchadnezzar's Statue, a Missionary Plane, and a boat like the one Jesus travelled in)!