A subscription to Adventist Review includes KidsView, a monthly (12 issues per year) 8-page, full-color magazine for kids ages 8-12 or grades 3-6. Each issue carries a variety of stories, devotionals, activities, recipes, puzzles, student writing, and the one-of-a-kind calendar that lists something to read, do, or learn each day of the month!

KidsView began in 2002 as a 4-page, full-color magazine inserted into Adventist Review. In 2008, the page count increased to eight. That same year, KidsView was distributed to all North American Division Adventist schools for grades 3 to 6 as a stand-alone edition. We also launched our website. Now, 16 years later, KidsView continues to serve the great kids living in the United States, Canada, and Guam! Enjoy our website and all that KidsView offers each month. Don’t miss an issue!


Wilona Karimabadi

Wilona has been editor of KidsView since 2007. She lives in Ellicott City, Maryland with her husband and two children. Her daughter Mia is in college, and her son, Javad is in high school, but were fans of KidsView when they used to receive it in their elementary school classrooms (at least that’s what they told her!). She enjoys reading, baking, exercising, watching way too many YouTube videos on all kinds of things, and traveling the world as often as she can.

merle poirier

Merle Poirier designs KidsView so it is fun to read. When not working on KidsView, she keeps busy working with our other two magazines, Adventist Review and Adventist World. Her husband, Tim, works in the Ellen G. White Estate. She has two grown-up girls, and one grandson. When not working, she likes to read, do puzzles, and spend time with her family.